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Tea is my passion

For 40 years, I lovingly cultivated tea seed and cuttings on the plantations of my home country Sri Lanka. I would like to share these exceptional teas with my fellow tea-lovers in the United States of America which is now my home.

I grew up in Ceylon, as it was known in the old days, on tea gardens, tending to the tea bushes and enjoying the luxury of an unspoiled environment. I have served the tea industry in every capacity on the tea gardens and know what I’m talking about. Tea is not merely a beverage. It is an invigoration to one’s life. Proponents believe tea makes you look younger and cleanses your skin and your entire body. In Ancient China the Chinese drank tea for long life and this is why even today, China consumes a large quantity of tea.

The climate, elevation and eco-system of Sri Lanka produce fabulous teas with a taste unique to the region. I recommend tasting the unblended whole leaf black teas. Unfortunately many people around the world have never experienced the luxury of a good cup of tea straight from the tea gardens of Sri Lanka.

My dream is to make Sri Lankan tea known in my new home as a gift to the American public as they don’t know what they are missing. I will contribute 10% of profit made on this venture to charities within the United States. I invite you to sample these exceptional teas.